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Isem Ball Segment Valve


Isem Ball Segment Valve
The Isem ball segment valve has a full bore passage, no static pockets, is suitable for both pressure and vacuum and is easy to clean. Because of the excellent cleaning feature, the Isem ball segment valve is specially recommended for the pharmaceutical and food industries.  

The shaft sealing can be quickly assembled and dismounted from the outside. Pneumatic control is supplied as standard for operation at a pressure of 6-8 bar.  A design suitable for operation at 3-3.5 bar can be supplied. The pneumatic cylinder is interfaced in a steel plate housing with the actuating levers and limit switches.

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Explosion Activated Closure Valve

The Hosokawa Micron explosion activated closure valve is designed to completely arrest pressure shock waves and flames generated by dust explosions within industrial aspiration systems e.g. material milled to a fine powder and pneumatically conveyed to a product collection filter; protecting valuable plant such as filters or fans and, more importantly, personnel and buildings against the risk of secondary explosions.
In the event of an explosion, a pressure wave travels ahead of the flame front, causing the barrier valve to close automatically, forming a seal and stopping the flow before the flame front can reach other parts of the system.

Hosokawa  Micron's explosion activated closure valves are available in SA - single direction or DA - dual direction activation. 
Our valves have the following applications:
Protection of operating personnel
Explodable powder milling systems
Electrostatic powder coating exhaust air systems
Spray chamber exhaust air systems
Explosions in spent/fresh air systems in fluid bed dryers for chemicals
Protection of fine dust scrubbers and exhaust fans

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The Mikro-Feeder is a rotary (airlock type) feeder utilizing a staggered, shallow pocket rotor designed specifically for integration to new and existing Mikro-Pulverizer® hammer mills. The unique rotor design provides smooth and even introduction of the process material into the Mikro-Pulverizer’s grinding chamber. In addition to better mill efficiency, wear and tear is reduced. Smoother feed delivery results in uniform mill loading, which increases bearing life. In addition, the Mikro-Feeder has been designed to feed evenly across the hammer tips. This precludes localized wearing, thus increasing hammer, liner, and screen life.
The Mikro-Feeder is suitable for medium to high bulk density free flowing solids, especially granular materials which tend to flood. The Mikro-Feeder provides steady, even feeding under vacuum or pressure, increases throughput per HP and extends mill life. It features a low profile, safety design with only five moving parts for fast, easy cleaning.

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Dosing and Discharging Devices

Hosokawa Micron rotary airlocks, blow-through airlocks and double butterfly valves can be installed in many various systems for feeding, discharging and as a pressure lock devices as well as in hazardous or pressure shock resistant systems. They are tough and reliable valves used in grinding, mixing, pneumatic conveying systems, filter, cyclones, classifiers, silos and bins.  For wide ranging operation a large number of sizes (RAL 4” to RAL 24”) and design combinations also in GMP and FDA performance are available.

Hosokawa Micron double butterfly valves are tailor made for applications where gas and dust tight dosing and discharging of bulk materials is required together with strict emission and leakage specification. These reliable industry proven valve systems improve collection efficiency in cyclone and classifier applications by eliminating gas leakage at the discharge and so minimizing product losses. They are designed pressure shock resistant PSR 11, suitable for pressure difference up to 150 mbar and for operating temperatures between –40°C and +200 °C

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Rotary Airlock Valve


The rotary airlock is used as a discharge or feeding device for numerous applications. As a discharge device, it is applied with filters, cyclones, silos and bins. As a feeder, it is used for supplying mills, mixers, and pneumatic conveying systems. In hazardous, pressure shock resistant systems, the rotary airlock is used as pressure lock.

The rotary airlocks are available as standard sizes RAL 4”, 5”, 6”, 8” and special sizes RAL 10”, 12”, 16”, 24”. The housings are made of cast iron or stainless steel casting. The rotors are made of steel or stainless steel. All standard sizes are pressure shock resistant up to 11 bars, and the special sizes are available in PSR or non-PSR design. HT models handle temperatures up to 350ºC. For pneumatic conveying systems, blow-through airlocks are available.

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Cyberjet Cleaning Nozzle

R.C.I.P. (Robot controlled Cleaning in Place) For Vrieco-Nauta mixers and vacuum dryers.

The Cyberjet
causes revolutionary savings on cleaning times and water usage, and up to now is the only washing robot that really has been validated. The Cyberjet is the high-end of modern technology in the area of tank, mixer and vessel cleaning.
The Cyberjet is a programmable machine that controls the jet(s) of cleaning fluid in a very sophisticated way. It has a stainless steel rotatable head with a rotatable nozzle which is placed in a fixed location in the tank. By means of controlling the two rotations using a polar-coordinate model, the jet's spraying direction can be steered with any speed into any chosen direction. The programming is such that the trajectory of the jet's impingement point covers the tank's inner surface in a systematic way. The movement of the head is driven entirely outside of the tank by two stepping motors. Inside the tank there are no electrical components. The advanced electronic motion controller of the Cyberjet is a programmable device with several PLC functions (analog and digital in- and outputs). As a whole, it can be constructed explosion proof (EEx).

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