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Alpine® Hydro Mill AHM

Alpine Hydro Mill 200 AHM



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The Alpine® AHM is an universal, agitated ball mill with horizontal cylindrical milling chamber for the continous wet milling of particles up to finenesses in the sub-micron range. The AHM features a cylindrical milling chamber with cooling jacket and  a modular design for product inlet, milling cylinder, and separation zone. The mill is easily accessible from all sides for cleaning and handling. Typical applications are chemicals, minerals, ceramics, metals, pigments, foodstuffs, and pharmaceuticals.
Alpine Hydro Mill AHM

 Enclosed and horizontal agitator ball mill for
   circuit and single-pass mode.
Machine sizes available for laboratory
  applications and for large-scale production.
The  modular design of rotor and mill housing
   make the wear-protection elements easy to
Maintenance of the separating element possible
   without having to empty the mill.
  Easy to access for cleaning and service.
  Grinding chamber 5-1.056 litres

Powerpaint® Annular Ball Mill DPP

Type 500 DPP

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Powerpaint Annular Ball Mill DPP  
Wet processing – size reduction

Annular ball mill with toroid-shaped rotor and
  internal grinding pearl circuit.

Application examples: paints, dyestuffs,
  pigments, pharmaceutical products.

Extremely easy to clean.

Annular grinding chamber free from dead spaces.
Extremely homogeneous grinding pearl
  distribution results in uniform wear patterns.

Low in wear due to the use of hardened

Large cooling areas on rotor and housing.

  Grinding gap capacity 3,7-18 litres.

  Paint/varnish throughput appr. 100-1.000 kg/h

Diskoplex® Agitated Ball Mill ADP

Discoplex Typ 500 ADP

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The Alpine Discoplex is an agitated pearl mill with a special grinding chamber used for the wet processing of a wide variety of feed materials in the range below 100 microns.  End product fineness in the submicron range can be achieved. The Alpine Discoplex ADP pearl mill is ideal for continuous closed circuit and multi-pass modes. Closely defined particle size distributions at high finenesses can be achieved. Applications include ceramics, glass, glazes, minerals, metallic powders, hard metals, ferrite, chemical products, foodstuffs, paints and varnishes and pigments.

Discoplex® Agitated Ball Mill ADP

Wet processing – size reduction
Radial agitated ball mill with disc-shaped geometry 
  and internal grinding pearl circulation.
Suitable for high viscosities and volume flows in  
   either circuit or multi-pass grinding mode.
Maximum dispersion effect brought about by
  specialgrinding pin arrangement.
Wide choice of exchangeable wear-protection

Alpine® RSK Annular Ball Mill

Annular Ball Mill 100 RSK

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The Alpine® RSK Annular ball mill is a liquid phase mill designed with a special annular-shaped grinding chamber.  Because of the uniform energy distribution within the grinding chamber, closely defined particle size distributions can also be produced in single-pass mode. The pipe-shaped grinding chamber ensures uniform energy consumption and uniform grinding. It can be equipped with one or two integrated agitator vessels, thus converting the machine into a complete small-scale production system. Alpine® RSK Annular Ball Mill is the mill of preference in the pharmaceutical and laboratory industries.

Annular Ball Mill RSK

  Vertical laboratory annular ball mill for circuit   
   and single-pass mode.
  Application for mini-batches of any product.
 Easy to clean.
  Wide choice of wear-protection options.
 Grinding chamber 0,15-2 litres.
  Drive approx.kW 2,2-11 kW.

Alpine® Agitated Ball Mill ANR

Type 630 ANR

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The Alpine ANR agitated ball mill for wet processing features a cylindrical, streamlined design which ensures uniform energy consumption and is suitable for large scale industrial ultrafine grinding of medium to hard materials, especially in the mineral powder industry. Applications include coating slip for paper coatings, mineral filler and ceramic pastes and glazes. The Alpine ANR product line includes several machine sizes with
grinding chamber volumes ranging between 10 and 2000 liters.

Agitated Ball Mill ANR

Open-design vertical agitated ball mill for single-
   pass mode.
  Application for superfine calcium carbonate and
   other mineral powder slurries.
Suitable for continuos operation.
Low-maintenance machine.
Ceramic wear protection ensures high degree of
  Cost-effective due to low grinding energy
 Grinding chamber 10-2.000 litres.

Rietz® Angle Disintegrators

Rietz® Disintegrators are designed with vertical, angled and in-line fixed hammer screen mills for size reduction of a wide variety of wet and dry materials.  Heavy duty designs withstand the most demanding applications with USDA / FDA sanitary design option for food and pharmaceutical applications.              

Applications Include:
Cocoa Pineapple
Milk Peaches/Apricots
Cheese Pears/Plums
Carrots/Tomatoes Mango/Papaya/Guava
Chile Peppers  Citrus Peel
Salsa Bakery Mix Finishing

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Potatoes (starch)

Rietz® Vertical Disintegrators


In-line and Vertical Disintegrators
Secondary' Discharge.
The popular Rietz® In-Line Vertical Disintegrators is for the reduction of fine, coarce, wet, moist or dry materials in the small or medium range, to uniform particle size. Automatic and continuous separation of disintegration resistant or other secondary product is effected by exclusive Rietz 'Secondary' Discharge.                      

Fluid Dispersion
Fluids may be injected into the top milling section of a Disintegrator and will then be dispersed throughout the main products. Thus, simultaneous milling of solids and incorporation of liquid additives can be achieved.

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Gorator®hoelschertechnic-gorator® GmbH & Co.KG


Gorator with feed screw

Tools for the Gorator
The dynamic wet processing unit for defined solid sizes and stable solid-liquid mixtures.
The GORATOR® grinds, disintegrates, comminutes, homogenizes, aerates, mixes, shreds, washes and transports – in short, it conditions your product in many physical and mechanical ways and is able to process materials of different consistencies:.
Generally, the processing action has to include a liquid phase.
Basic principle
A disc mounted diagonally to a shaft rotates in a housing. Due to this diagonal position and the resulting gyrating motion, the elliptical disc causes a diagonal flow of the product in axial and radial direction. These overlapping movements of the product in the GORATOR® create a flow and shearing distribution which causes an intense mixing effect in relation to the processed medium.
The centrifugal forces push the solids into the stator, where they are disintegrated because of the special constructional characteristics (axial channels and radial grooves). Because of the rotation of the diagonal disc the product achieves a centrifugal acceleration similar to that in a centrifugal pump. Due to these motions the GORATOR® is able to pump the product from the discharge port to the following step in the process.
The Standard-GORATOR®
Approx. 70 mm at the inlet to a final size of smaller than 1,6 mm in one single processing step.
Delivery range Standard machine. Discharge openings 1,6 mm to 20 mm
Throughput from 1 m3/h up to 200 m3/h
Discharge openings (clearance) 1.6 mm to 500 µm
Throughput of 1 m3/h to 100 m3/h

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 CAVITRON® Verfahrenstechnik

In-line Rotor-Stator Disperser The CAVITRON® rotor/stator unit is based on the physical effects between the rotors and the stators. The medium to be processed, passes through the rotor/stator system and is accelerated centrifugally.
The rotor system runs with up to 50 m per second against the stator. The medium is compressed in the chambers (between rotor and stator) with a pressure up to 10 bar.  The retention time in the chambers is 0.001 second. The medium expands in a shock like way and changes over in the next centrically external chamber. The rotor/stator segments meet up to 500 million times per second.
This action repeats itself up to million times per second, which is a basic difference to other mixing devices. Hastelloy, titan, hard
metal are used. Stainless steel 316 is standard.
All CAVITRON® - machines are tested by permanent running in the industrial range.

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Charlotte ® Colloid Mill 


Range from 3 to 40 horsepower
and much more
and much more


and much more

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Range from 5 to 125 
Vakumix  in-line homogenisator
VAKUMIX - Sweeping homogenizers Type DHO acc. to rotor/stator principle, multiple-rim type

In-line Homogenisator    

Available in four sizes:

max. drive power
10 2,5 kW
25 8 kW
75 23 kW
120 45 kW
The sweeping homogenizers are available in following types:
Type DHO Mounted in vessel bottom
Type DHOS Mounted to existing vessels via special flange
Type DHOL Horizontal homogenizer, stationary
Type DHOLF Horizontal homogenizer, mobile

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Siebtechnik Eccentric Vibrating Mill

Finest reduction of all brittle material, wet and dry.

The ESM Mills are suitable for reduction of all brittle material. Depending on the grinding time and material reduction of 20 mm feed material are possible. The attainable ultimate fineness is approximately 0-5 my. Vibrating mills are specially suited for combining grinding and mixing, as well for mixing alone.

Eccentric Vibrating Mill
A feed material consisting of many different components can be efficiently reduced and throughly mixed in one operation. Grinding in vacuum, under pressure an in inert gas is also possible. The mills are very suitable for mechanical-chemical processes.

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