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Siebtechnik Ball Mill
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  Pharma / Food

Alpine® UPZ Fine Impact Mill


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Designed for maximum safety and versatility, the Alpine® UPZ Fine Impact Mill allows one mill to perform several functions with ease. Using a wide range of interchangeable size reduction media, the UPZ mill systems produces fine and ultra fine particle size reduction. The unit has been designed with accessibility and ease in cleaning in mind, and is available in CIP and or SIP sterilization options, as well as designs for total product and explosion containment.  

Ultraplex UPZ 160

Alpine® Contraplex CW Mechanical  Impact Mill


Contraplex CW Mill
Contraplex Wide Chamber Mills enable the trouble-free ultra fine grinding of difficult products even in continuous operation. The wide chamber housing prevents coating problems and mill blockages, even when processing fatty, oily, or sticky products which have a strong tendency to deposit. Extremely high grinding fineness is achieved by the high relative speed of the discs. Adjustment parameters such as direction of rotation and disc speed combinations permit grinding conditions to be individually customized. Contraplex Wide Chamber Mills is often used
for cryogenic grinding with liquid nitogen, for mineral powder coating and for protein enreichment of flours by size reduction and air classification.

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Alpine®  Air Classifier Mill Circoplex


Circoplex Classifier Mill ZPS

For high finenesses,  cool grinding and flexible production parameters in the fineness range < 10 µm to 500 µm.
Circoplex classifier mills are universally applicable for almost all products up to a hardness of approximately 3.5 Mohs, when an extremely high end fineness and low energy consumption is required.                                      The combination of mill and classifier permits production of the finest powders with closely defined particle size distributions. The ZPS grinds considerably finer than conventional systems and consistently produces end products with steep particle size distributions even at high capacities. 
Design and Operation:
The product to be ground is fed from above via a rotary airlock directly into the classifying chamber, where particles which are already of the required product fineness are directly separated by the Turboplex ultra-fine classifier without loading the grinding media.                                 The size reduction media consist of the impact beater system and the stationary, triangular-ribbed grinding track which sorrounds the grinding chamber. The impact beaters themselves are exchangeable. The grinding track consists of individual segments.
The pulverised product is conveyed to the horizontally mounted Turboplex classifier. The fine material, i.e. end product, is discharged through the blow-out opening; the coarse material rejected from the classifier is recirculated for further grinding. Air is supplied to the mill through the duct.

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Mikro-LGM™ Long Gap Mill


LGM Long Gap Mill 
The NEW Mikro-LGM™ Long Gap Mill assures superior product quality and peak operational efficiency. Built upon the strength of Hosokawa’s unparalleled experience in size reduction, thermal processing and classification, the Mikro-LGM™ long gap mill is designed to meet the exacting demands of a wide variety of industrial applications.

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Alpine® AS Spiral Jet Mill

The Alpine® AS Spiral Jet Mill System is optimized for applications in high-grade pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals.  Features include ultra fine size reduction of dry materials with a crystalline structure up to Mohs hardness of 3 and production of a powder with a high ultra fine portion between 0.5 and 10 microns. The design permits ease and thoroughness of cleaning. After being dismantled into it’s component parts, the Alpine® AS Spiral Jet Mill can be cleaned in an ultrasound bath or autoclave.  
This compact and portable design meets the highest pharmaceutical standards with an extremely attractive cost-performance ratio. Specifically designed ancillary components ensure extremely high recovery of valuable material. 

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Alpine® AFG Fluidized Bed Opposed Jet Mill

The Alpine® AFG fluidized bed opposed jet mils are engineered to consistently produce superfine powders without oversize particles across the entire working range. The Alpine® AFG Fluidized Bed Jet Mill is suitable for the fine and ultrafine size-reduction of any material up to a hardness of 10 Mohs that can be fluidized by the expanding compressed gas in the grinding chamber. These mills are typically used in applications not limited by feed size, heat sensitivity of the material or abrasive characteristics.  Within their entire working range, fluidized bed jet mills produce ultrafine powders.  Ultrafine powders with extremely steep particle size distributions can be produced.   
The unique internal classifier ensures tight top size control without over grinding. Patented multi-classifier wheel design ensures the same fineness while scaling up from small to large sizes.  


 Pharma Multiprocess Plant

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  Mineral & Metal / Chemie:

Alpine® ATR Vertical Dry Pearl Mill

The Alpine® ATR Agitated Pearl Mill is ideal for the dry production of superfine mineral powders finer than 10 µm. Grinding pearls between 200 micron and 5 mm in diameter guarantee maximum energy intensity and an effective surface area enlargement in the end product. 

ATR Agitated Ball Mill
Typical applications are mineral fillers, glazing raw materials and non-mineral hard materials including limestone, quartz, zircon sand, talc, ceramic colours and frits, and titanium dioxide.

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Alpine®  AWM Table Roller Mill

The Alpine® Table Roller Mill AWM features conical grinding rolls for high-pressure comminution. The grinding rolls are equipped with a hydraulic pressure mechanism for all machine sizes. Its applications are suitable for materials up to a maximum Mohs’ hardness of 6 with up to 6% quartz content. Examples include talc, dolomite, quicklime, calcium hydroxide, gypsum, phosphates, and chemical raw materials.  
The Alpine® AWM Table Roller Mill features a compact design and yields high throughput rates at high fines without excessive vibration. Two internal classifier styles are offered in accordance with the desired fineness. 

AWM Table Roller Mill  

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Alpine®  High-Compression Roller Mill ECP


Type 310 ECP (Ecoplex)

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High-Compression Roller Mill ECP (in combination with a downstream classifier)  (Ecoplex)

Dry Processing-Grinding+Classifying-Superfine Grinding

High-compression comminution of brittle products.
Specially designed for the ultrafine grinding range or  to achive steep particle size distribution in the coarse fraction.
End-product finesses to approx. d97= 8 my.
Low energi costs at high performance and reduced wear compared with ball mills.
Compact design.
Curcuit mode with an ALPINE ultrafine classifier.

Alpine®  Super Orion Ball Mill


Super Orion Ball Mill
Alpine®  Super Orion Ball Mill is still the workhorse in the mineral powder industri. Since developing the S.O.- S.F. (superfine) mill, Alpine are now in a position to produce extremely fine fillers (60-70% <2 my) in direct circuit using a dry, low-energy and low-cost process. 

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Powder Paint: Mikro ACM Air Classifier Mills

Micronising and classifying in one machine
Fine and microfine
Steep particle size distribution
Compact design
Easy cleaning versions available (also CIP)
Low temperature increase
Pressure shock resistant available

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Siebtechnik Ball Mill

Discontinuous drum mills are employed for fine and micro comminution (in the micrometer range) and silmultaneous mixing of relatively coarse materials (up to approx. 30 to 40 mm) of all degrees of hardness. Depending of the constitution of the grinding material, differentiation is made between dry and wet grinding (TT... or TN...). When ironfree grinding is required, the steel grinding drum (T...S) is lines (T...F). The mill lining and grinding bodies are then chosen from a product-compatible material (usually: hard porcelain, steatite and Stemalox).
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Siebtechnik Eccentric Vibrating Mill

The ESM Mills are suitable for reduction of all brittle material. Depending on the grinding time and material reduction of 20 mm feed material are possible. 

Siebtechnik Eccentric Vibrating Mill ESM
The attainable ultimate fineness is approximately 0-5 my. 
Vibrating mills are specially suited for combining grinding and mixing, as well for mixing alone.
A feed material consisting of many different components can be efficiently reduced and throughly mixed in one operation. Grinding in vacuum, under pressure an in inert gas is also possible. The mills are very suitable for mecanical-chemical processes.

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