Produkter - Siloer (ESI/Eurosilo, WTW)

The well-proven Silo System for ‘free’ flowing and ‘non free’ flowing Bulk Materials. Why Eurosilo ?
The patented Eurosilo concept offers several important advantages:              
Very large storage volume within a small area.
Fully enclosed storage and handling, eliminating environmental pollution.
Non free-flowing bulk materials can be handled most effectively.  

Eurosilo for non free-flowing bulk solids

Inside view of a 15.000 m3 Saltsilo
ESI / Eurosilo of Purmerend, The Netherlands, is an independent Dutch company involved in the development, design, fabrication and installation of bulk materials handling and storage equipment.
Today, through years of research and development since 1965, ESI Engineers and Contractors BV, pride themselves in providing innovative solutions to complex problems of difficult to handle ‘non free’ flowing bulk materials.
MHC Engeneering

WTW Pressure Tight Silo/Reclaim System 4 bar

Screws in Eurosilo
WTW Rotary Wheel Discharge

WTW Silex Silo Discharge with Konus

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