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Alpine® Air Jet Sieve Typ LS

Air Jet Sieving Maschine 
TYP 500 LS
   Air Jet Sieving Maschine  LS
   Dry sieving + classifying + screening

For sieving very difficult and wearing products with sieve mesh widths approx.  
25 – 500 µm.   
Control screening resp. protective  screening.
Sieving maschine with oszillating slotted nozzles below the screen.
With vibration transport of sieving product.   
Pneumatic screen tensioning device. 
The Alpine air jet sieves LS were developed for sieving powdery materials at extremely fine sieve mesh widths. And where conventional sieving system fail, for example when sieving materials with critical properties, the Alpine systems have proved to be absolutely ideal.
Typical areas of application
Abrasives: fractionation of granulations in the range of approx. 25 – 500 µm. Protective screening as a topsize control of final abrasive fractions.   
Metal powders; metallic compounds such as copper, cobalt, nickel, and magnesium powders, gold bronze etc.
High-tech ceramics powders
Electrostatically charged materials, e.g. plastic powders such as PVC, Polystyrol, Polyethylene,  Polypropylene
Protective screening when producing powder coatings.
Industrial chemicals such as silicic acids, etc.
Materials which tends to agglomerate and form deposits, e.g. iriodin, metal stearates, wheat bran etc.

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Alpine® Multiplex Zig-Zag  High Capacity  Separator


Depending on the product, the Multiplex Zig-Zag Classifier can separate in the range of 0.1 mm to 10 mm. These classifiers are ideal for separation of materials which are difficult to sieve or cannot be sieved at all,  and separation of pieces having approximately the same size,  but different specific gravity.
Multiplex classifiers are virtually maintenance and wear-free and are insensitive to changes in the composition of the feed material.  

Multiplex Zig-Zag 
Air Classifier

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  Alpine® Ventoplex High Volume Classifier

Ventoplex air classifiers separate in the fine to medium-fine particle size range from approximately 45 to 300 µm. The feed material is introduced without air and the fines and coarse material are also separated without air, meaning that a separate, external dust collector and exhauster is not necessary. Whether for normal products, abrasive ones, or for special applications such as explosive dusts, the Ventoplex classifiers deliver excellent product quality and have been proven to be "work horses"  under even the most harsh conditions.

Alpine® Ventoplex High Volume Classifier

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Alpine® Turboplex ATP High Efficiency Classifier

The Turboplex is ideal for ultra fine classification of superfine powders. The patented multi-wheel design offers the same sharp top cut as a single wheel ATP but can achieve up to 6 times the capacity of a single-wheel classifier. The classification of the product is a function of the peripheral speed or the speed of the classifying wheel and the radial speed of the air flowing through the classifying wheel. The material's fineness can be controlled by altering the speed of the classifier wheel. Rejected material is discharged at the bottom of the classifier.  

The ATP can produce fines in the range of d97=4 microns or finer. The monobloc classifier wheels are available in  SiC or Alumina.  In this wear-resistant construction they can operate at the same speed as the steel classifier and thus achieve the same particle size cut. The monobloc design is ideal for processing abrasive materials such as feldspar and quartz. 

With the newly developed NG-wheel (New Generation), the pressure drop across the classifier wheel could be significantly (up to 50%) reduced.  This means lower capital costs as well as lower operational costs. 

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Alpine® Stratoplex ASP High Efficiency Classifier for Minerals

Stratoplex air classifiers are newly developed high-efficiency air classifiers for the fine to medium separation range with a d97 of approximately 10-200 µm. 
Even at high feed rates, the quality of classification is maintained.  With a pressure drop of only approximately 30-40 inches water column for the entire classifying system, low-energy operations are guaranteed.  
The Stratoplex is a compact  and modular system and permits not only top performance but also a trouble-free, space saving system installation. Many sizes are available with capacities of up to 100 tons/hr feed.

Alpine® Stratoplex

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Alpine® Toner TSP High Efficiency Toner Classifier


A totally new design for ultrafine powder classification in the 1.5 to 30 micron size range, the TSP Classifier is ideally suited for toner powder coatings applications. When manufacturing fine powders, the very nature of the feed material makes it unavoidable that a certain amount of ultra fine dust finds its way into the product. The TSP classifier was developed especially for the task of dedusting these fine powders. It features a targeted material flow which produces clean coarse product without undesirable ultrafine portion, providing a high precision of cut with maximum loose yield.   
Alpine® Classifier 315 TSP

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Alpine® Toner  TTSP High Efficiency Tandem Toner Classifier

The new TTSP Classifier is ideal for the toner industry, where sharp separation of fines and a high coarse product yield result in improved product quality and higher profits.  Coarse yield improvements of 5% over the proven TSP Classifier and over 10% over other classifier designs have been realized. Product changes with the TTSP Classifier are made simple. The classifier is designed with a hydraulic opening split body.  All material contact parts are vertically removable, leaving the interior accessible for cleaning.
Alpine® Toner  TTSP High Efficiency Tandem Toner Classifier

Foto TTSP 200
 Alpine® TTSP Classifier
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Mikro-Classifier CC

With the requirement for high product quality and maximizing yields for powdered material production, in-line classification is a definite advantage. Hosokawa’s new MikroClassifier CC is an in-line classifier that can handle a wide range of materials in many size ranges making cut points between 5 micron and 100 micron possible.  
The MikroClassifier CC’s unique internal dispersion of material allows for sharp particle distributions while maintaining high throughput. Its compact design allows for complete access to the interior to facilitate cleaning and product changeover.  
Applications include:
powder coatings
food ingredients
fine chemicals

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Alpine® Hydroplex Wet Classifier AHP
The Hydroplex wet classifier employs a rotating deflector wheel and the counter flow principle to separate the product into a coarse and a fine fraction. The operating range is for feed particle sizes below 200 µm, whereby cut points down to finenesses of approximately 4 µm can be achieved. The Hydroplex wet classifier design features a hydraulic lifting device for quick and easy machine dismantling, a simple and compact design, and easy cleaning and maintenance. Several machine sizes with deflector wheel diameters of between 63 and 400 mm are available.

Hydroplex®Wet Classifier AHP

200 AHP Wet Classifier
Wet classification in centrifugal force range  with continuous discharge of course- and fine fraction.
Separation between 1 µm and 100 µm possible.
Compact design.
Easy cleaning and maintenance.
Wear protection possible by using different hard materials.
Wear parts can be retrofitted and are easy to exchange.

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