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Sampling Systems


Sampletaking and preparation plant in a
crane in Denmark
Siebtechnik supplies standard and customized Sampling Systems to meet your specific application. Siebtechnik features state-of-the-art components for completely automated Sampling Systems. Our equipment and systems provide the exacting capability required to achieve unbiased samples for operations ranging from the very basic to the highly complex.
Accurate information gives you the power to better control quality and cost in your operation. Reliable, efficient quality assurance systems have become increasingly important to those who deal in bulk solids such as coal, minerals, and ores. Siebtechnik provides the components and Sampling Systems needed in mining, mineral processing, smelting, steel manufacture, power generation, bulk handling, and allied industries. SIEBTECHNIK systems are designed and engineered to collect primary increments or representative samples so that every particle present in the consignment is equally represented in the sample. You get consistently accurate samples with precise repeatability, sample after sample.

Samplepreparation plant

Rotating divider and single roller 
Rotating divider
Due to the fact that primary increments (sample) are most of the times larger that the test sample it is necessary to divide the increment in a representative way in one or more stages.
To divide the primary increment several types of dividers (or sometimes called secondary and tertiary dividers) can be used which are parts of the sample preparation installation.
The dividers are available in different sizes and types, this depends on the given properties of the increment. Most of dividers are equipped with adjustable dividing ratio, manually or electrically.
All dividers are bias free and easy to clean.       
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In case a sample has been taken for chemical analysis it has to be size reduced to the particle size wanted. The kind of crusher used is depending on the demands of test sample.
One can use a single or double roll-crusher which give a size reduction with minimum of energy input. This results in a minimum of moisture lost and temperature increase.
Other types of size reduction equipment like jaw crushers, ESM mills are also available.

Slot vessel sampletaker in a stream 
of coal

Automatic sampling equipment for taking cross-sectional samples from material flows have been integrated into discharge points of belt conveyors since the beginning of mechanisation of sampling.

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FLPN New sampletaker for tubes

The FLPN was developed to take representative samples of bulk materials from vertical chutes/pipes. The main characteristic of this sampler is the minimum height whilst taking samples over the whole cross section of the pipe, thus guaranteeing a reliable sample whether the material is naturally mixed or the pipe is loaded unevently. 

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