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EAG Electronic-Apparatebau


EAG Metaldetector TS 30-D/Pn/W
Metal detector for industrial solid products, for products with free fall flow/contaminated outlet at the pneumatical side.
All sort of solid products can be contaminated with metal pieces.
This may become a serious problem and cause damages or accidents.
Just one damage can be even more expensive than the investment for metal detector.
To prevent: To protect:
Accidents Persons
Explosions Products
Damages  Mills
Production breakdowns Calendar systems
Damage compensations Extruding systems
 Complaints Casting machines
The material falls free through the metal detector
Metal pieces are recognized by the electro- magnetic field of the detecting coil
The product switch shifts to "outlet contaminated" (50 ms)
Contaminated material will be separated
0,2 sec. after separation, product switch shifts back to "outlet clean"

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IFE Magnetic Separators

IFE Industrie Einrichtungen was founded in 1947 as Institute for Research and Development and is now one of the worldwide leading firms in material handling.
Marketing partners all over Europe as well as in Asia and Australia support the company on its way to a global player.
At the site of Waidhofen on Ybbs, vibratory devices, screening machines and magnetic separators are produced for use in the entire field of the primary industry,                   in environmental technics and in recycling.
Package solutions out of the production fields of vibratory, screening and magnetic technics represent a special advantage.

IFE Overband Magnetic Separator
Protection of mills, crushers, sieves etc. from damage by tramp iron carried along the stream of material
Highest magnetic forces with comparatively low energy consumption
Installation 'Inline' or 'Crossbelt'
Oil cooled coil - protection class IP 65
For belt widths from 650 mm up to 2000mm

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