Produkter - Mekanofusion (Hosokawa Alpine)


Mechanofusion System AMS - Designed for particle-to-particle fusion in order to enhance particle performance.
Mechanofusion refers to the process by which mechanical energy is applied to several different types of particles to induce a mechano-chemical reaction, thereby creating new materials. Since there is an infinity variety of possible particle combinations, various forms of particle designs and processing technologies have now become
a reality in a broad range of fields. Coupled with the above, Mechanofusion technology
has been employed to vield new materials with enhanced particle performance.

AMS 100 F

Schematic drawing

AMS Labmodel
The Hosokawa Mechanofusion system can produce composite particle shapes (making them spherical or flat) and combine particles in rigorous precision. It eliminates the need for pre-mixing particles during particle performance improvement processes. It can fuse higher volumes of particles while providing the same level of Mechanofusion
effect as the previous model. The Mechanofusion system allows for ease of loading and unloading powder materials and controls product temperature by the use of a water-cooled jacket that is provided on the casing.   
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