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Alpine Pharmapaktor™ Roller Compactor


Alpine's line of  Pharmapaktors™ have capacities ranging from 0,5 -150 kg/hr for laboratory use and 100-1.500 kg/hr for production environments. These units are designed for quick and easy cleaning. Direct pressure measurement  through use of a strain gauge eliminates leaky hydraulic systems. 

The compaction rolls and feeder screws are available in different geometries and can quickly and easily be interchanged, making this the ideal machine for multi-product production. All designs are built with cGMP requirements in mind and meet the FDA regulations. Our exclusive press force feedback system ensures consistent product quality.

Roller Compactor L+K

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Chewing Gum Briquettes

Hosokawa Alpine GmbH recently unveiled its new gum briquetting technology for use in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries. This new technology is a revolutionary method for manufacturing chewing gum from a fine powder composed of gum base, sweetener, flavour and other ingredients. 
The briquettes are manufactured at low temperatures, preventing and  heating or melting of the ingredients. Volatile ingredients such as flavour and active components are also unaffected during production. Our cost-effective technique maintains a uniformed size and appearance of briquettes and gentle product handling, limiting damage to the briquettes during production. Another advantage is the almost instant processing time from raw material to end product.  By using this technology, the briquettes are instantly ready for coating and packaging directly after coming out of the KOMPAKTOR.
Gum base, sweetener and flavours are fed into the  KOMPAKTOR® as a powdered mixture. Screw feeding arrangements and two counter-rotating rolls gently shape the predensified material. The rolls are specially designed to prevent the product from sticking during forming. A variety of shapes and applications can be achieved. Applications include: anti-smoking chewing gum; chewing gum; teeth.

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MS Series Briquetters / Compactors

The MS Series is the workhorse of our briquetters and compactors. These versatile, heavy duty roll compactors are designed for the most rugged applications. Each of our units can be configured for briquetting, compacting and granulation of a wide range of products and capacities.
Features and Benefits:
Production capacities from laboratory scale up to 100 tons/hr
Integral, tire or segmented roll types manufactured utilizing a vast array of application engineered metals and alloys
Gravity or screw feeds engineered for efficient operation and consistent
product feed
Engineered for easy maintenance
Materials of construction suited for your specific application
Axial alignment mechanism
Axial/Circumferential timing mechanisms
Compaction forces from 10 - 90 tons  
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Kompaktor® Roller Press

The Hosokawa Alpine Kompaktor® roller press is used for minerals, metals and chemicals.  Capacities range from 0.5 to 150 to/hr.  Specifically designed for granulating and briquetting, the Kompaktor® roller press is ideal for processing materials that require excessive pressure for agglomeration. The vertical feed screw design uses a PID feedback loop for precise press force control. This design also offers easy operation and easy maintenance.
Electronic press force measurement
Automatic press force control
Roll cooling system
Adjustable roll gap
Press frame made of stainless steel
Roller Compactors MS

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