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Alpine Omniplex® Hammer Mill


Omniplex®Hammer Mill HA
Crushing, pulverising, disintegration or fibrizing of materials whether they are soft to medium hard, crystalline, amorphous, brittle, fatty, heat sensitive or tough and fibrous. 
Omniplex®Hammer Mills can be tailored to suit your applications by using a selection of rotor systems, sieve inserts and bar grates

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Cam Crusher Type 500 DB

Cam crusher Type 500 DB
Coarse- and preliminary crushing of soft to medium-hard materials to a relatively uniform particle size which depends on the gap width of the builtin crushing grate. High output rate.
The crushing grate is designed in solid spheroidised cast iron. It is inserted from the top of the machine.
Crushing rate gaps of 12 or 18 mm are available.
The machine-side V-belt disc is designed as a flywheel.

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Safety Breaker Type SB

Safety Breaker Type 315 SB
Fine crusher for: soft, friable, coarse lumpy materials; for opening and disintegration of agglomerates; for controlling against foreign substances, such as metals, stones, etc., which are detected by the ratchet coupling in the crusher; within plants for explosive powders therefore the machine is often sited in front of the real pulverizing step, as a preventive precaution to avoid ignition sources!

The crushing grate, with gap width 5 mm, is made up from individual solid grate plates, to form a compact grate by means of clamping bolts.

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Rietz® Rubber Choppers

The Rietz® Rubber Chopper is a reliable method to chop bales or blocks of rubbers and plastics prior to mixing or dissolving. Massive drive and load bearing arrangement
accommodates up to 500 input horsepower.

Rietz Rubber Chopper

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Rietz® Extructors


Rietz Extructors
The Rietz® Extructor is the heavy duty choice for coarse size reduction of fresh or frozen blocks of meats or dairy products. Easy-access design features low speed and high torque operation for low product temperature rise.  

Applications Include:
Cheese Fruits
Meat Juice

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Alpine Series Granulators

Compact Line Granulators are equipped with all the technical requisites to enable profitable size reduction of plastic waste.

The CL granulators have been optimized to accept hollow items such as bottles and canisters, etc.
Cleaning is even easier than before; and quicker.


Patented cross-scissor cut rotor saves 20% energy, increases the performance, and makes for smoother running
With the external adjustment fixture, the segmented rotor knives can be adjusted for installation outside the machine 
Bed knives in one-piece construction
Screen is reversible
A hydraulic unit opens the hopper and the screen cradle to enable changing of the screen
Exchangeable wear-protection plates fitted in the material  intake area of the cutting chamber
Exchangeable wear-protection plates fitted to the side plates
Low-height design
Lateral rotor sealing prevents material from jamming

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Alpine® Rotoplex Granulator Cutting Mill

Rotoplex large scale granulators are characterized by their extraordinary performance capacity, economy, and operating reliability. The Rotoplex features a cross-scissor-cut rotor which offers process technological superiority, saves energy, increases the service life, and improves the material feeding characteristics. Besides the classic field of plastics size reduction, Rotoplex large scale granulators are employed for all types of cuttable material.

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Siebtechnik Jaw Crusher

Jaw crushers are particularely suited for crushing brittle, medium-hard to hard materials, such as coal, ore, glass, all kinds of rock, etc.

In jaw crushers crushing is carried out in the wedge-shaped space between a fixed jaw and another jaw that is fixed to an eccentric-moving rocker.
The crushing rocker is powered via an eccentric shaft in the top section and supported via an adjustable linkage system at the bottom.
This configuration causes the actuated jaw to perform an elliptical movement which draws in the material to be crushed.

Siebtechnik Jaw Crusher 
The horizontal movement of this crusher jaw becomes progressively smaller towards the discharge slot, so that the slot width set remains almost constant. The throughput of the crushers depends on the size of the discharge slot, the bulk density and the characterstics of the material to be crushed.
The degree of fineness is primarily determined by the setting of the discharge slot.

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Siebtechnik Hammer Mill


Siebtechnik Hammer Mill 
Hammer- and Hammer impact mills
are suitable for crushing soft to medium hard materials (degrees of hardness according to F.Mohs 2-5).
For example: agglomerates, coal, limestone, gypson and slag. They are designed for large throughput volumes and trouble-free operation.
Hammer impact mills are particularly suited very coarse material for whilst attaining a high degree of comminution with large through-puts.
They are also used for comminuting clinker, rubble, quick lime, slag and ore.

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Aubema  Crushers and Mills

Coal, fertilizer, salt, cement, limestone, gypsum, hard rock, glass recycling

Aubema Double Roller Crusher

Aubema Delivery Programme

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