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From Flakes to Granuals

Compactor with Flake Crusher FC

Bexmill BM  flexible, gentle processing

Bexmill BM


The Bexmill BM is a low energy mill engineered for a wide variety of production needs, handling both small laboratory requirements and large production batches of up to 8 tons per hour. It is ideal for materials that are heat sensitive or typically friable when used with other size reduction materials. 

The Bexmill BM will work in either a continuous or a batch process. Soft to medium-hard flakes of varying sizes can be granulated in one pass. Size reduction occurs between the conical rotor and screen, and material is compressed outward through the screen  holes. The final particle size distribution is determined by varying the rotor speed and screen hole size. Screens are easily changed without tools, therefore downtime is minimal, reducing production costs and maximizing production. The gap between the rotor and screen can be adjusted manually or automatically. Rotor seals are available with air or nitrogen purging. 

The Bexmill BM is designed with FDA approved materials and is acceptable for use in cGMP facilities. Units can be custom designed to accommodate a wide variety of upstream and downstream connections. For example, inlets and outlets can be engineered with beaded collars,

tri-clamp connections or vacuum connections. Product contact areas can be cleaned using CIP system A telescopic outlet can be used for in-line fixed installations. The telescopic transitions are flanged to the mill to create a tight, dust-free seal. The easy clean design eliminates the need for a fixed pipe system between components and facilitates screen changes.          
The following mill screens are available:
Round Hole
Square Hole
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Flake Crusher FC 

The Flake Crusher is a low energy mill used for gentle grinding of soft to medium hard materials. The machine operates using a compression milling principle between a horizontal rotor and screen. Final particle size is adjustable and can range from 0.5mm to 10mm. The rotor is installed in a dust-tight, welded casing and the screens are fastened to a supporting basket. The screen to rotor clearance is adjusted using two eccentric cam tensioning devices. 

The throughput, particle size range and crushing intensity are governed by the rotor speed while the upper limit of the particle size is dictated by the screen. Final screening of the product to remove oversized material is not necessary.  
Engineered for easy cleaning, all parts that come in to contact with the product being processed, including the rotor, screen with basket and cam tensioning devices are easily disassembled from the front. Cleaning and assembly can be done in a few minutes without the need to remove the Flake Crusher from the process.    

Flake Crusher
The Flake Crusher can be equipped with the following access:
Feed and discharge hoppers
Flanged connections
Track beam version (sliding track)
Dust exhaust connections
Mounting stands with rollers
Hopper with safety grid for manual feeding
Screen hole sizes of 0.5mm-8mm

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Pre-Crusher PC 



Pin Crusher PC-P
The Pre-Crusher PC is designed for large lump crushing. The final particle size ranges from 10mm-50mm depending on the selected configuration. The Pre-Crusher PC continuously draws the material through the two synchronized counter-rotating rolls. The peripheral speed is set to match the throughput. Very low grinding energy coupled with synchronized roll speed assures a nearly dust-free crushing process.  

The Pre-Crusher PC is designed with a welded casing with external bearing design for low maintenance and reliability. Various materials of construction are available, depending on the application. The Pre-Crusher PC is available in the following models:

Crushing Roll Design:
Pins (Model PC-P) is built with wear resistant pins and is ideal for the pre-breaking of thick flakes and coarse feed material. The material is crushed into pieces approximately 20-30mm.

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Pre-Crusher PC-D


Discs Crusher PC-D
Discs (Model PC-D): This design employs discs to crush thinner flakes to a final size of less than 5-15mm.

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