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Micron Denspack


Stott Packing Head Systems

Packing Head Packing head systems are engineered for use in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical processing industries.   Available in four configurations, our packing heads are an integral part of dust free packaging systems for powders and granules. Suitable for drums, bags, boxes and bulk containers, the unique, patented packing head provides a sealed  connection between the filling device and container for safe, dust-free, hygienic transfer of product.
Vented and extraction type sealing heads are available for applications where container pressure must be avoided.
Displaced air is routed into the atmosphere or it can be extracted through a filter system for complete plant hygiene and operator safety.
Packing Head Types:
PH Outward Inflatable Packing Head
DS Downward Inflatable Packing Head

DSS Downward Solid Sealing Head with pneumatic raise and lower attachment

IS Inward Inflatable Sealing Head
Integrated pneumatic controls
Easy to clean and maintain
Quick release fittings
CIP wash system
Portable or fixed support frames
Inert gas purge
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Stott Laminar Flow Booth Systems

Laminar Flow Booth Laminar Flow Booth Systems are designed for extra environmental safety and reliability when handling high-hazard powders. Our laminar flow booths utilize the proven efficiency of our packing heads to further guarantee operator safety and maintain laminar airflow as well as high efficiency filters to ensure complete dust control. A wide range of containers can be filled and handled either manually or automatically within the laminar flow booth without risk to the product or the operator. Our laminar flow booths are custom designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. 

Customized design
Hosokawa Stott packing heads
Rear plenum chamber with air control valves for guaranteed product integrity
Integrated controls
Available options include:
Prime product feed system
Integrated weighing system and controls
Hazardous area controls
Base vibration
Safety alarm system
Internal lighting
CIP system

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Stott Dust Free Tipping Booths

Dust Free Tipping Booths Dust free tipping booths are specifically designed for handling hazardous powders and granules to ensure safe and hygienic tipping. 
Operator safety is assured with automated container
lifting/tipping, high visibility viewpoints and glove port access significantly reducing OEL’s. The modular design allows application customization for the handling of a wide variety of containers with empty container disposal and cleaning systems. Product containment, integrity and recovery is maintained by internal and external filter systems. Empty container disposal and cleaning systems can be incorporated into the tipping and discharge systems. 
Manual/pneumatic tipping devices
Fully interlocked door access
Internal safety grid
Viewing panels
Posting Port
Gravity roller track access
Automatic door opening/closing
Powered roller track
Inert gas purge
Controlled discharge unit
CIP system
Internal lighting
Internal/External filter system
Optional materials of construction

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Micron Denspack


Micron Denspack Rotary Feed 
Vacuum Densifier

The densifier 'Micron Denspack' is designed specially to de-areate powders. By de-areating powders, an increase of the bulk density prior to filling in bags, containers a.o. is obtained. With the Micron Denspack, densification of powders can be achieved without damaging the particles. The unit easily fits any situation. The configuration of the system is simple and compact. Moreover it is to be installed easily in line in any process. 
The underpressure in the center of the rotor creates an air flow through the sintered metalplate. In the lowest position vakuum is no longer applied. From the center, a small blast of compressed air is given from the centre. This air pressure serves easy discharge of the material and cleaning of the sintered metal plate.
The Micron Denspack features space savings due to the simple and compact construction and improvement of powder characteristics, to avoid flushing and reduce dust emissions. It is capable of dealing with very difficult materials with adhesive nature, and provides savings of storage and transportation costs due to reduction of the  powder volume.
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Stott Glove Boxes/Isolators

Customized glove boxes are designed to provide total containment solutions with a wide range of options and safety features.   
The glove boxes are user friendly and allow for easy handling of product without risk of external product transfer. 
Negative or positive pressure environments can be maintained and humidity can be controlled to ensure product integrity and stability. Taking advantage of the latest in 3-D virtual reality design software, client’s requirements can be realized from 3D-models, to full size mock-ups and finished machine. Clean-in-place (CIP) requirements can be meet and machine and isolator can work in unison.   
Glove Box
RTP Systems
Internal lighting
CIP Systems
Inflatable/fixed door seals

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Product Containment Technologies

Vitalair Drum Handling Equipment

Vitalair Drum Handling Equipment Hosokawa Vitalair custom manufactures a wide variety of automatic and manual drum and keg tipping equipment engineered for safe product transfer. Product tipping units can be integrated with downflow booths, free-standing or incorporate glove box facilities and HEPA safe-change filters.  All units conform to current COSHH regulations and are suitable for fiberboard kegs or plastic or steel drums up to 200 liters and 250 kg. Our drum handling equipment is ideal for use when discharging into a hopper, isolator or directly into the process vessel.  Features include rotation by a pneumatic or manually operated motor, special container clamps that are suitable to handle a wide range of weights and sizes and product control valve integration.  

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Vitalair Downflow Single Pass Booths


Downflow Single Pass Booths
Hosokawa Vitalair's downflow single pass booths are ideal for use when fume or solvent-laden substances are being handled or when high potency products demand a once-through philosophy. Other uses include: liquid and solvent pumping and dispensing; potent drug dispensing areas; drum and IBC filling operations and mixing and blending areas. Our single pass booths are designed with all contact parts in satin polished stainless steel or white powder coated zintec steel.
The vertical downflow air pushes dust or vapors downward to ensure clean air in the operator's breathing zone and very high levels of containment. 
The air is discharged into the atmosphere, allowing no recirculation. The single pass booth utilizes a dedicated air supply and exhaust fan sets that are typically fitted with input and exhaust filtration systems to HEPA standards (99.9% filtration performance). Our single pass booths also come with on board system monitoring gauges and an alarm system. Standard sizes range in width between 2m - 4m. Electrical upgrades that are suitable for Zone I and Zone II are available upon request and integrated drum invertors and bulk pump filling systems are also available upon request.
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Vitalair Downflow Recirculation Booths

Hosokawa Vitalair's downflow recirculation booths achieve a 99.9% filtration performance and are specifically engineered for use with hazardous, toxic or sensitizing powders. Our downflow recirculation booths have direct application in the
 pharmaceutical, fine chemical and food industries.   The air recirculation system ensures complete safety for operators. Air flows downward, pushing any dust or vapors away from the operator's breathing zone. The air is extracted from the booth via low level grills mounted in the rear wall. The exhaust air is taken through an EU4 primary filter, an EU8 second stage fine dust filter and then finally through a third stage EU13 HEPA filter before recirculation into the booth.
Designed with flush fitting panels
and no contamination prone crevices, our 

booths are constructed from satin polished stainless steel or white powder-coated zintec steel and available in sizes ranging from 2m - 4m wide with a safe working depths of 1.3m - 1.8m. Non-standard sizes and layouts are also available.  Non-standard size systems have been designed in widths ranging from 1.5m - 12.0m and internal heights ranging from 2.0 - 9.0m. We can supply our downflow recirculation booths as a stand alone "plug in" requiring a 3 phase electrical supply or as a fully integrated system designed to fit into an existing system. 

The high levels of operator protection and guaranteed product integrity offered with this system makes them ideal for use with powder handling applications such as:

Product Dispensaries
Raw Material Transfer
Finished Goods Sampling
Weighing and Mixing
CIP Work Areas
Available Options Include:
High containment work zones
Glove ports and ventilated benches for active powder handling
Chiller and heater coils for temperature control
Extensive range of fully fitted internal equipment, cupboards, computer stations, etc.
Barrier-bag safe-change filter housing
O.E.L. (Operator Exposure Levels)
Containment level 1 (500 - 1000 µg/m³) Hosokawa Stott Hygienic filling and weighing systems
Containment level 2 (100 - 500 µg/m³) integrated in Laminar flow booths
Containment level 3 (25 - 100 µg/m³) with down flow recirculation booths
Containment level 4 (< 25 µg/m³) Gloveboxes
Containment level 5 (< 5 µg/m³) Isolator systems
Integrated CIP possible

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