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Established in 1929, MikroPul is a leading manufacturer of dust control and product recovery products, from small unit collectors to complete engineered systems, for industrial applications worldwide. With over 200,000 installations, our broad scope of technologies and global resources allow us to meet practically any filtration or gas cleaning requirement.
Principle industries served include:

      Cement / Rock products
   Chemical processing
 Food / Pharmaceutical
  Mining and minerals
  Primary and secondary metals
  Power generation

MikroPul is part of Beacon Industrial Manufacturing, 
a wholly owned subsidiary of Beacon Industrial Group

High Temperature Filtration
     MikroPul's product line includes:
Mikro-Pulsaire® pulse-jet collectors  
MikroPul offers three cartridge dust collector designs to suit a variety of price/performance criteria. Fine dust filters (FDF) :
Fine Dust Filter combines the coarse filtration capability of a cyclone with the high efficiency of a bagfilter. Continuous cleaning reverse air filters:
Pleated belt filter:
A breakthrough filter design for air streams containing fibrous dust; combines high efficiency  filtration, high capacity, and off-line media cleaning in a compact housing.
A relatively simple device that uses centrifugal force to separtate larger particulates from air streams.
Wet scrubbers:
Available in 5 different designs and a variety of configurations to suit almost any gas cleaning application.

Dry scrubbing/flue gas treatment:
Turnkey package for removal of acidic and toxic pollutants from flue gasses using dry chemical absorption as an alternative to wet scrubbing.
Wet Electrostatic Precipitators
Effective for removing oily, sticky particulate and fine particles which clog conventional collectors.
Waste Handling Briquetter:
Eliminates the need for plastic bags and special disposal arrangements.
Screw Compactors A self-contained helical screw conveyor designed to compact fibrous textile material stripped from self-cleaning air filtration equipment.
Controls and Diagnostic Systems, Filter Media, Airlocks and Other Accessories

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