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Bextruder BX
Bexroller BR         
Gear Pelletizer
Prospekt:  Pelletizing Technology

Bextruder BX  

The Bextruder is a low pressure basket granulator for pelletizing or granulating food, mineral or chemical products. Its compact design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance and meets GMP standards.
Bextruder principle
The Bextruder BX has two counter rotating, adjustable speed, independent rotors. The upper rotor has inclined baffle plates to ensure a good mixture and to convey the material evenly downwards. The lower rotor is designed with bent arms and densifies the material and conveys it through the cylindrical screen basket. The lower rotor is also designed to measure torque so that the optimum process speed can be achieved. 
The drive is situated according to the application below or above the product chamber in a closed housing. Product discharge is effected by a vibrating chute or rotating disc when the drive is positioned below the extrusion chamber. The products exhibit good dispersion, compression and dissolution properties and the diameter of the cylindrical pellets range in size from 0.3-3mm.


The rotors have plug connections to the drive shafts. Rotors and basket screen cylinders are very accessible and can be easily changed. 
The Bextruder is designed for easy maintenance and trouble-free retrofitting. 

Soft Product Densification                       
Product extruded with the BEXTRUDER has a loose structure with large surface area and good deformation properties. The diameter of the cylindrical pellets can range from 0,3 to 3 mm. The product exhibits good dispersion, compression and dissolution properties. 


Different rotors
Screen baskets with different hole diameters and different wall
Outside rotating cutting knife
Vibration discharge chute
Rotation disc for product discharge
Blow-off ring for product cooling and separation

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Rounding from Pellets to Spherer  
The Bexroller is designed for  “spheronization” from softer, often extruded material.  The Bexroller is designed with a rotating disk surrounded by a fixed wall.  Air is purged between the disk and the wall. The air serves as a non-contact seal.  

As the disk is rotated, the small, initially cylindrical material is rolled from the disk to the stationary wall and then cascaded back to the rotating disk. This motion causes a rounding effect on the material. 
The drive with frequency converter and electric control enabels exact speed regulation.For fast cleaning the disc can easily be exchanged. The purge air quantity is adjustable and can be adapted to assist optimum product movement. The degree of spheronization depends on the batch time. Increased time yields more perfect particles.

Bexroller BR
The product is discharged from a small opening in the vessel wall when the process is complete. The spherical particles can then undergo either coating, drying or further processing.   

Batch sizes for the Bexroller range from 100 grams through 50 kg batches (depending on bulk density). Process times can be in the range of 15 seconds to less than 3 minutes.

Bexroller principle
In the cylindrical product chamber a horizontal disc is rotating. The drive with frequency converter and electric control enabels exact speed regulation. For fast cleaning the disc kan easily be exchanged. A gap air purge prevents the product from reaching the area below the disc.The purge air quantity is adjustable and can be adapted to assist optimum product movement.

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Gear Pelletizer

Extrusion of stable cylindrical Pellets
Hosokawa Alpine GmbH's Gear Pelletizer is designed for the extrusion of stable, cylindrical pellets. 
A pair of gear type toothed counter-rotating rolls sit beneath the feeding hopper and  product is pulled through the nozzle bores that are located between the teeth.  As the product passes through the press channels, it is densified into cylindrical shaped pellets.  

Gear Pelletizer principle
Typically gravity force feeding is sufficient.  However, for products with poor flow characteristics, agitating elements are installed in the feed hopper. A specially designed feed hopper with a screw-like agitator is used for viscoplastic feed materials. Rolls are sealed at both sides by cheek plates to prevent any material from escaping. Adjustable cutting knives are installed to improve the product discharge. 

A gasketed cover ensures dust-free operation and is okay for use when purging is done with inert gas or solvents are present.

Gear Pelletizer GCS
The pellet diameter is determined by the diameter of the press channel.  With gear pelletizing machines, stable cylindrical pellets with a diameter range of 1 - 10 mm can be produced. 
The cylindrical pellets produce a smooth surface, constant diameter and are relatively straight.   
Often the length of the single pellets is very uniform.

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Extrud-O-Mix® Continuous Mixer

Low pressure screw mixer/extruder excelent at mixing binders with powders prior to extrusion and forming.  Particularly adapt at handling high viscosity materials.
Applications Include:
Food Colours Sweeteners
Dough Flavourings
Icing Cream Cellulose

        Extrud-O-Mix™ Mixer/Extruder
Extrud-O-Mix™ Mixer/Extruder for continous mixing of solids and liquids. An efficient solution to continuous mixing of solids and liquids where very viscous pasta and plastic masses are handled. It is also useful following batch premixers or for premixing ahead of batch equipment. Dry materials may be thoroughly mixed and extruded with relatively small quantities of liquids for agglomeration, or relatively large amounts of liquids for processing pasty masses.
The Extrudomix has a single horisontal shaft, carrying rows of hammers arranged in a spiral pattern that moves the material through the chamber.
Stationary anvils, attached to the housing, are inserted between the rotating   hammers. Material is fed into the housing at one end and forced forward by the rotating hammer until it comes into contact with the stationary anvils. As the blade passes the anvil, a portion of the material is moved forward and the remainder lags behind. The action of the anvils prevent the material from rotating with the shaft.  Thus, the effect of the unit is to give a continious kneading, mulling and mixing action on materials ranging from light and medium stiff pastes to relatively heavy plastic-like doughs and putty. Various orifice plates and extrusion dies may be installed within the barrel and at the discharge end of the unit to vary the mixing action. Dies can be used to extrude material in various sizes and shapes.

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