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Alpine® Contraplex CW Mechanical  Impact Mill

Alpine CW Pin Mill for continuous milling and coating. 
Contraplex Wide Chamber Mills enable the trouble-free ultra fine grinding of difficult products even in continuous operation. The wide chamber housing prevents coating problems and mill blockages, even when processing fatty, oily, or sticky products which have a strong tendency to deposit.  Extremely high grinding fineness is achieved by the high relative speed of the discs.  Adjustment parameters such as direction of rotation and disc speed combinations permit grinding conditions to be individually customized.
Contraplex Wide Chamber Mills is often used for mineral powder coating.

Mikro LGMTM Long Gap Mill 

The NEW Mikro-LGM™ long gap mill assures superior product quality and peak operational efficiency. Built upon the strength of Hosokawa’s unparalleled experience in size reduction, thermal processing and classification, the Mikro-LGM™ long gap mil is designed to meet the exacting demands of a wide variety of industrial applications.

See also under Drying.   

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Micron Cyclomix, intensiv mixer batch mixing and coating  
The Cyclomix can be used for a number of processes:

   Intensiv mixing of cohesive
      powders, pastes 
   Moistening of powders

Technical features
The Cyclomix offers significant advantages over other mixing methods:

Very fast, intensive mixing (mixing
    times from 30 seconds to 5 minutes)
   Wide range of applications
   Fully self-emptying vessel
   No bearings or seals in the product zone
   Good control of product temperature
The Cyclomix is engineered for  homogeneous mixing of cohesive materials. The product is loaded from the top of the vessel and a centrally located high-speed rotating shaft is driven from the mixer cover, eliminating seals and bearings from the product zone. 
   The shaft is fitted with a paddle-shaped mixing element that rotates close to the inner wall of the vessel. The high-speed rotation of the paddles coupled with the conical shape of the vessel forces the product from the bottom to the top of the vessel. The product flows from the top into the center of the vessel, achieving rapid mixing (macromixing). During the upward motion, the product particles are accelerated by the paddles and intensively mixed (micromixing) by friction with the vessel wall.

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Turbulizer® Mixer/Coater

The Turbulizer® mixer / coater is ideal for high capacity mixing for producing homogeneous, lump free products. 
Optional jackets allow heating or cooling to produce reactions in short residence applications.

-Applications Include:
Doughs Coating
Hydration Finishing
Sugar Lecithin 

Schugi Turbulizer 

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Schugi Turbulizer consist of a horisontal cylindrical chamber enclosing a horisontal shaft. Several protuding and adjustable paddles are secured to this shaft. 
The Turbulizer requires minimal floor space or head room. It is selfcleaning, leaves no material traces behind in the machine. It operates on low working volume and short residence time (2-30 seconds) providing efficient use of all its horsepower. All models are available with optional jackets for heating and cooling.
Schugi Turbulizer continuous high speed mixer. 
It can be heated up and used for coating.
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