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Vrieco-Nauta™ Conical Screw Mixers

Vrieco-Nauta™ mixer in the testcenter

Vrieco-Nauta™ mixers offer benefits including low power consumption, short mixing time, a high level of mixing accuracy, residual-free emptying, and no separation, not even during discharge. Homogeneous mixing and optimum reproducibility of powders, granulates, and pastes is guaranteed for both large and small quantities. Uniform product quality is ensured, even under partially filled conditions. These features make the mixers especially suitable for a wide range of processing activities, such as liquid addition, granulation, drying and cooling. This means considerable savings in terms of labor, investment, and space.  

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The Intensifier

The Intensifier is an accessory for the Vrieco-NautaTM mixer engineered to prevent agglomeration when mixing cohesive materials and for adding liquids. The  Intensifier is driven via a separate motor located on  top of the mixer's motor drive. A wide variety of motors can be fitted and the rotational speed can be altered to meet the demands of the process. The mixing screw provides a continual supply of new product to the rotating element. The processed product stays in contact with the rapidlyrotating rotor efficiently achieving a homogeneous product with consistent particle size distribution.

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The Cyclomix

Cyclomix high shear mixer
The Cyclomix is engineered for homogeneous mixing of cohesive materials. The product is loaded from the top of the vessel and a centrally located high-speed rotating shaft is driven from the mixer cover, eliminating seals and bearings from the product zone. The shaft is fitted with a paddle-shaped mixing element that rotates close to the inner wall of the vessel. The high-speed rotation of the paddles coupled with the conical shape of the vessel forces the product from the bottom to the top of the vessel. The product flows from the top into the center of the vessel, achieving rapid mixing (macromixing). During the upward motion, the product particles are accelerated by the paddles and intensively mixed (micromixing) by friction with the vessel wall.

Intensive mixing of cohesive powders, pastes and slurries
Moistening of powders
Metallic blending for powder  coatings     
The Cyclomix was developed primarily for the mixing of cohesive powders but is suitable for many applications including mixing, moistening, plastifying, and granulating. It is ideal for a variety of product types with either powdery, fibrous or pasty consistencies.

The product is loaded into the conical mixing vessel from the top and is filled to approximately 50% capacity. A centrally located high speed rotating shaft is driven from the mixer cover by an electrical motor, therefore eliminating seals and bearings from the product zone.

The shaft is fitted with paddle shape mixing elements which rotate close to the inner vessel wall. Due to the high speed rotation of the paddles and the shape of the conical vessel, the product is transported from the bottom of the vessel to the top. Upon reaching the top, the product flows downward into the center of the vessel. During the upward motion, the product particles are accelerated by the paddles and intensively mixed (micromixing) by the friction of the vessel wall.


Full self emptying of the vessel for convenient product discharge
No bearings or seals in the product zone to assure product integrity
Good control of the product temperature for consistency
Very intensive and fast mixing
Can be applied to a wide range of applications
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Ribbon Blenders 

Single or double rotor ribbon blenders used primarily to homogenize dry products with    or without liquids or gases. Pressure and non-pressure vessel designs with optional jackets for applying heating or cooling reactions.

Working principle:
The Centromix is a "low to medium shear" ribbon blender with a vertically positioned rotor. Due to the slow speed, the mixer only has a minimum wear impact on the products, even when mixing highly abrasive materials. To acieve sanitary operation and easy maintenance all drive parts are installed outside the vessel, which prevents them from coming into direct contact with the medium.

Soup and spice mixtures from fragile dried
   foodstuff, such as asparagus, cauliflower etc.
Bakery mixtures (flour, fat, spices and other
Mixture of dry materials with liquids.
Mixing of pesticides, toner, pigments and
Mixing of powders for pharmaceutical
Drying of powders and granulates under
   atmospheric and/or vakuum conditions.
Heating and cooling of powders.

Gentle mixing action on product through low
   power consumption.
Short mixing times with a high degree of
    mixing accuracy.
A minium of product remining after discharge.
Easy accessible for inspection.

Centromix Vertical Ribbon mixer
Effective volume from 15 liter til 10.000 liter.

Horisontal Ribbon blender for low and medium shear mixing
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Continuous Mixer HMC

Continuous Mixer HMC for low shear mixing
-Typical features of continuous mixing
Modern production processes are frequently demanding systems which offer effiency combined with optimal performance as well as the possibility to integrate individual operations in a fully automatic and PLC controlled total plant. Continuous mixers are very suitable for these kind of opertions and offer many advantages such as:
  Minimum degradation due to short residence time
  No segregation
  Low labour costs
  Easy to clean
  Minimal space requirements relative to the throughput
  Favourable investment costs when mixing 2-3 components only
    (Multicomponent ingredients can be efficiently handled when premixed
    batchwise before feeding).

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Schugi Flex-O-Mix™ Mixer/Agglomerator

Continuous turbulent flow instant mixer for homogeneous agglomeration of fine powders into larger particles.  
Aids in dust control, reduced segregation and increased bulk density.
-Applications Include:
Instant Drink Mix Instant Gravy
Food Colours Sweetener Blends

Schugi Flex-O-Mix™ Mixer/Agglomerator
for medium and high shear mixing

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Turbulizer® Mixer/Coater

The Turbulizer® mixer / coater is ideal for high capacity mixing for producing homogeneous, lump free products. Optional jackets allow heating or cooling to produce reactions in short residence applications.
Turbulizer® Mixer/Coater for high shear mixing 
 -Applications include:
Doughs Coating
Hydration Finishing
Sugar Lecithin 
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Extrud-O-Mix® Continuous Mixer

Low pressure screw mixer / extruder excels at mixing binders with powders prior to extrusion and forming. Particularly adept at handling high viscosity materials.
Applications Include:
Food Colours Sweeteners
Dough Flavorings
Icing Cream 

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