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Fluid Beds
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Schugi Flexomix continuous mixer/agglomerator

Continuous Mixing/Agglo-
Schugi Flex-O-Mix Schugi System for production of 

The Schugi Flexomix is a vertical, inline gravity flow mixer/agglomerator. Processing is continous. Productivity is high. The products are homogeneous from sample to sample. Because of the instantineous mixing of all ingredients, demixing of powders can not occur. Each sample will have a uniform dispersion of liquid(s) and solids that is beyond the capability of conventional mixers or batchtype mixers. The external rollers flexing the mixing chamber prevent buildup of product on the inside. This ensure constant operating conditions within the mixing/agglomerating chamber.
One rotating shaft with blades, plus a set of pneumatically operated external rollers around  a flexible chamber.
Maintenance is minimal. Power requirements are low: 1-3 kW/t/hr. Can be disassembled for cleaning in less than 2 minutes. Liquid injectors are easily removed. Minimum space requirements. G.G.-approval. C.E.-certification.
Fine material with low bulk densities frequentlly cause serious feeding problems in tabletting, extruding, packaging and rotary briquetting/compaction, etc. Schugi granulated products resist fluidization and segregation and have improved flow- and feedabillity. Five machine sizes are available for outputs ranging from 0,05 - 100 m3/h.


The Cyclomix

Cyclomix 50 liter for pilot plants

The Cyclomix can be used for a number of processes:

   Intensiv mixing of cohesive powders, pastes       
   Moistening of powders

Technical features
The Cyclomix offers significant advantages
over other mixing methods.

   Very fast, intensive mixing (mixing times
     from 30 seconds to 5 minutes)
   Wide range of applications
   Fully self-emptying vessel
   No bearings or seals in the product zone
   Good control of product temperature
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The Agglomaster is available with batch - sizes of 0,2 to 1,000 litres.

The Hosokawa Agglomaster is a sanitary, batch type, multi-functional granulator which has the ability to process highly adhesive, aggregative, and super fine particles with a low specific gravity. The Agglomaster combines an agitating granulation function (using an impeller) or a tumbling granulation function (using the unique slotted rotor) with a fluidized bed to produce the required particle size and shape. The Agglomaster incorporates two different methods of granulation; fluidized bed with the slotted rotor, or fluidized bed with the agitation impellers.

Two types of impellers are available for the Agglomaster, type I impeller for advanced mixing, and type II impeller for powerful disintegration. These impellers can be combined with the slotted rotor or used alone to satisfy customer requirements.

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Fluid Beds

Fluid Beds Hosokawa's  Fluid Beds are designed for batch or continuous drying / cooling of a wide range of food, chemicals and polymers. Our fluid bed are designed  for accurate scale up and can accommodate many difficult-to-handle materials. 
Features / Benefits:
Custom designed to match individual applications
Minimal maintenance costs with no mechanical or
    moving parts
Control of particle "carryout" and "fines" separation

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Schugi Fluid Bed drying / cooling system.

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