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Micron Denspack

Micron Denspack

Micron Denspack Rotary Feed 
Vacuum Densifier

The densifier 'Micron Denspack' is designed specially to de-areate powders. By de-areating powders, an increase of the bulk density prior to filling in bags, containers a.o. is obtained. With the Micron Denspack, densification of powders can be achieved without damaging the particles. The unit easily fits any situation.The configuration of the system is simple and compact. Moreover it is to be installed easily in line in any process. 

The underpressure in the center of the rotor creates an air flow through the sintered metalplate. In the lowest position vakuum is no longer air applied. From the center, a small blast of compressed
air is given from the centre. This air pressure serves easy discharge of the material and cleaning of the sintered metal plate.

The Micron Denspack features space savings due to the simple and compact construction and improvement of powder characteristics, to avoid flushing and reduce dust emissions. It is capable of dealing with very difficult materials with adhesive nature, and provides savings of storage and transportation costs due to reduction of the  powder volume.  


Easy access for inspection

Til toppen af siden
Reduction of powder volume gives savings  of
    storage, packing material and transportation costs
Continuous, reliable operation due to automatically
    cleaned sintered metal plate
Densification up to 100% or more is not unusual
No mechanical degradation of the product
Easy access for cleaning and inspection
Usually very short pay-back times
Mostly integrated with packaging, mechanical
    compaction, bulk loading and bin discharging
Fits easily any situation due to simple and compact

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